Nova Jobim

by Lyn Acton & Bossa Loco

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Antonio Carlos Jobim was a great songwriter. His "Girl From Ipanema" is an all-time classic. Yet the English translations of these songs took place at the height of 60s pop music! And usually had little to do with the original revolutionary music - bossa nova, new wave.

Jobim sometimes worked with different lyricists - often with Vinicius de Moraes who later became the poet laureate of Brazil. So perhaps there is something to these songs that the English-speaking audiences have missed. Until now.

These new translations give a more accurate English version of the songs we know and love. With full respect to the original lyricists and translators we hope to give Jobim fans a new enjoyment and appreciation of these timeless classics.


released August 8, 2004

Lyn Acton - vocals
Rich Arthurs - guitar
Danny Templeman - percussion
Gordon Kilroy - percussion
Martin Jones - trumpet (Corcovado, Insensatez)
Frankie Banham - flute (Vivo Sonhando)

Arrangements by Bossa Loco
Translations by Mal Adam
Cover design by Lucy King

Engineered by Collis
Produced by Jay Moy, Lyn Acton & Bossa Loco
Distributed by Proper


all rights reserved



Lyn Acton UK

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Track Name: Agua de Beber
Antonio Carlos Jobim & Vinicus de Moraes
trans. Mal Adam

Am I so scared to be a lover
I want to care for my poor heart
But every love knows a secret
It is the fear that has the power to kill your love
Water everywhere
Water to be drunk my friend

Well I never did a thing so certain
I'm joining in good forgiveness
And now my home is always open
All the doors of my heart are wide open
Track Name: Brigas Nunca Mais
Antonio Carlos Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes
trans. Mal Adam

You came, you smiled, you got your love's sorrow
My time is here, to calm your fear, caring for sadness
For certain lovers quarrel
At times our hearts our shut
The fight will always start the making up
And when I need, it's you to comfort me
With a loving you've been showing
It's what we need to know
That our love is here to stay
I gotta say will love forever
Got so good now, to love in peace
We will fight no more
Track Name: O Amor Em Paz
AKA "Once I Loved"
Antonio Carlos Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes
trans. Mal Adam

I have loved
And with all of my heart I have loved more than I should have loved
And I cried
When the suffering is coming I'm lost in feelings that I hide
Then you're here
My sad never-endings just gone because you're always near
I found in you the reason to live and to love
Suffer nevermore
I'll never suffer now
Peace I've found
Because love is the saddest thing when it's breaking down
Track Name: A Felicidade
Antonio Carlos Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes
trans. Mal Adam

Be sad, it's here again, the joy will always end
Happiness is flying in the air, so high up you're a feather falling down
Floating so lightly a life is just so tiny
We need the breeze to keep us blowing round
Trying to be happy, the carnival's here, the grand illusion every year
The poor people working, the whole of the year's gone
For a moment just to dream of all the days you would have wished for
For you are the king of the parade
And everything's over the next day
Be sad, it's here again, the joy will always end
Track Name: Desafinado
Antonio Carlos Jobim & Newton Mendonca
trans. Mal Adam

So you say that I am singing out of key
Won't you know love how much you are hurting me
Only lucky people can hear a tune as clear as you
I can only hear what the Lord meant me to
If you insist that what I do ain't musical
Then I say that what you hear's not it at all
If I could I would tell you all about the key
This is bossa nova, can you hear it naturally?

You don't even know how the players take their part
Music is the best when it sings from the heart
I got your picture babe, with my Rolleiflex
How it's showing that you never even care
You will never know my love - I'll never get to say
Cos the deepest love can only happen when you play
So with all your music forget to play the song
Listen to us singing - how we know it can't be wrong
Deep within us bossa nova's singing oh so naturally
Track Name: Corcovado
AKA "Quiet Nights & Quiet Stars"
Antonio Carlos Jobim
trans. Mal Adam

A little space to strum along
A little love to make a song
Making lovers happy and contented
Nice and quiet to set the scene
Got the time to find a dream
In the view of Corcovado up above the city
I'd want and love my life to be
Just like this, just you and me
Till the lovers' flame is over

How alone could I be
The world was passing by me
But then I found your love and then I knew
That happiness is here, just me and you
Track Name: Chega de Saudade
AKA "No More Blues"
Antonio Carlos Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes
trans. Mal Adam

Go now please, sad memories
Without her love it cannot be no more
Please tell her, I pray for her, that I can't hurt more
Because I need you back with me
Real life is so lonely without her love
I've had enough of missing all the peace, beauty and love that's left me feeling like the sadness never goes
Will never go
So if you would ever come on home
Be so lovely, would be so crazy
There's not as many fishes swimming in the sea
As all the little kisses kissing if you're back with me
In my arms
There has to be
A million hugs, so tight like this, that cling like this
They're just like this, to hug and kiss
In peace and quiet
So we just might
Forever in love together endlessly
So you can stop all of this life you have got
You're too far away from me
Track Name: Meditacao
Antonio Carlos Jobim & Newton Mendonca & Joao Gilberto
Trans. Mal Adam

Who believes it's true
Is there love in a smile and a flower?
She's just a dreaming fool
She has lost her way
So in love with a smile and a flower
Everything's gone in a day
Who becomes so sad
Sees a world through the tears of her loss
For love there's such a cost
Now so all alone
Finds a way love will only deceive
A happiness she won't believe
Yes she's gonna cry
She breaks her heart so fast her tears run dry
Now she's back again
To the love of the smile and the flowers
She finds everything ends
Love - your pain has gone
So revealing the tears always fall
Love's true after all
Track Name: O Morro Nao Tem Vez
AKA "Favela"
Antonio Carlos Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes
Trans. Mal Adam

The hill's no chance
The hill's got nothing left
But you should look more closely

The hill, so poor, wants more
And whenever people say "It's now!" all the city's gonna sing

The hill now says "Give me my go!"
The hill now says "I am on show!"
Make way for the samba drummers - one and two
The hill's no chance, be ready for the dance
All the city's gonna sing

The hill, so poor, wants more
And whenever people say "It's now!" all the city's gonna sing
Track Name: Insensatez
AKA "How Insensitive"
Antonio Carlos Jobim & Vinicus de Moraes
Trans. Mal Adam

My foolish ways, once more in love
No care at all from this heart of mine
Now so gentle and true you filled my heart
Only now makes me cry with pain
Why so cruel and weak am I to blame again for such a heartache
Now, my foolish heart, I've never loved
Does my heart deserve another?

Go, my foolish heart, you know it's true
Only love will speak sincerely
Who will ride the wind will ride a storm
Such a fool will blame the weather
Go, my dearest heart
Let love forgive and lovers be together
Go, be sorry now, and ask your love
For a love forgives forever
Track Name: Garota de Ipanema
AKA "Girl From Ipanema"
Antonio Carlos Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes
Trans. Mal Adam

Watching so much graceful beauty
The girl who swings so sweetly's walking
As she passes she's only wanting the sea
Dark & gold from Ipanema
Poetry cannot describe her
The way she's swaying - the best of swaying I've seen

Why do I have to be so lonely?
How do we all become so sad?
Yes, she's a thing of such beauty
But her beauty's not there to be owned
As she's walking she's so alone
Does she know that as she's walking
The world is smiling oh so graceful
She fills with beauty
Becoming lovely for love
Track Name: Vivo Sonhando
AKA "The Dreamer"
Antonio Carlos Jobim
Trans. Mal Adam

I live to dream
Just a dream dreaming endlessly
And all the time is it true could you really like me?
The hours are for talking of stars
Oceans and heaven too
Saying just how good it could be with you
So come into my life before my dream ends
People go by - they are smiling but I need more than friends
So I'm just talking of stars
The ocean and the heaven's moon
I live to dream - can you come to me soon?